Experience Venue-Based Pilates Classes in Leeds

To ensure your spot in our venue-based classes, please remember to book in advance.
You can reserve your place by calling, texting, or emailing us 07789960132 info@holistic-fitness.co.uk.
This helps us manage class sizes and provide the best experience for everyone.
Don’t miss out – secure your spot for an enriching Pilates session today!


Pilates Classes In Leeds (Mixed Level)

In our Pilates Mixed Level classes, you can expect a supportive environment where you progress at your own pace, suitable for levels 1-3. We provide various equipment like balls, resistance bands, and weights to enrich your workout. Remember to bring your own mat for a comfortable and personalized experience. Join us for a session tailored to your journey in Pilates.

Venue Timetable:

– Every Monday 6:45pm @ Greenacre Community Hall (RAWDON LS19)
– Every Monday 7:45pm @ Greenacre Community Hall (RAWDON LS19)

– Every Wednesday 11:45am @ St James Woodside (HORSFORTH LS18)

– Every Thursday 6:00pm @ The Church of Rodley (RODLEY LS13)
– Every Thursday 7:00pm @ The Church of Rodley (RODLEY LS13)

Pilates Classes in Leeds (Gentle Level)

Gentle level classes are ideal for those seeking a softer, more relaxed approach to Pilates. These classes focus on slow, controlled movements, emphasizing proper form and alignment. They are perfect for beginners, individuals recovering from injuries, or anyone looking to ease into Pilates. Gentle Level Pilates helps improve flexibility, build core strength, and reduce stress, offering a therapeutic and nurturing exercise experience. This approach ensures a welcoming and supportive environment for all participants, regardless of their fitness level.

Venue Timetable:

– Every Wednesday 1:15pm @ Anahata Yoga (Farsley LS28) 

Legs, Bums & Tums

Our “Legs, Bums & Tums” class is the perfect choice for toning your lower body and core. It focuses on building muscular strength and endurance, utilising a variety of equipment for comprehensive results.

This class is designed to sculpt and strengthen, targeting key areas for an effective full-body workout.

Venue Timetable:

– Every Tuesday 6:30pm @ The Church of Rodley (RODLEY LS13)