Pilates Beginners, Mixed & Advanced Classes In Leeds

Pilates is an intensive and nourishing all over body conditioning program, with specific emphasis on developing core muscle groups, spinal support, and postural alignment. Class is instructor lead by me Emma-Louise, I am a qualified Pilates instructor and registered exercise professional.  If you want to come and join a class then I can offer 3 separate types of Pilates levels held in the Leeds districts of Rodley, Horsforth and Rawdon:

  Beginners : £6 Per 1 Hour Session

This class is designed to suits those who are new to Pilates or who just want to learn the basics, due to the nature of how our bodies work you can incorporate additional moves to what the instructor is giving to the rest of the class, just notify Emma-Louise before the class and she will give additional instructors to each exercise for those wanting to take it up a level. This Pilates class is suitable for everyone.

– Every Thursday 6:00pm @ The Church of Rodley (RODLEY LS13)

  Mixed : £6 / £7 Per 1 Hour Session

The mixed ability class starts off with the basic Pilates movements, additional instructions are given to the class to notch the exercises up a level whilst still letting everyone work at their own pace.

– Every Monday 6:45pm @ Greenacre Community Hall (RAWDON LS19)
– Every Monday 7:45pm @ Greenacre Community Hall (RAWDON LS19)
– Every Wednesday 11:45am @ St James Woodside (HORSFORTH LS18)
– Every Wednesday 1:00pm @ The Church of Rodley (RODLEY LS13)

  Advanced & Intermediate : £6 Per Hour Session

The advanced classes are suitable for those who like a Pilates challenge, for those who don’t you can always work at your own pace. This class is suitable for everyone however it is advised you notify the instructor if you are new to Pilates so that she can keep an eye out on your technique.

– Every Thursday 7:00pm @ The Church of Rodley (RODLEY LS13)

Anyone can attend any of these classes however depending on your fitness level you may want to try a class that better suits you.

  Legs, Bums & Tums : £5 Per Hour Session

Combining muscular strength and endurance this is the ideal class to target and tone the lower body and mid section, the class involves using various equipment to achieve all over results

– Every Tuesday 6:30pm @ The Church of Rodley (RODLEY LS13)